[altlinux-announce-en] Distribution Release: ALT KWorkstation 10.1

Maria Fokanova fokanovama at basealt.ru
Wed Nov 16 09:56:46 MSK 2022

Good day!

We are glad to present to you an update of the distribution ALT 
KWorkstation 10.1.
The assembly is prepared for the x86_64 architecture. The operating 
system is included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs and 
Databases. The distribution appeals to a wide circle of users to work in 
the office and at home. This solution can be part of the Active 
Directory infrastructure, available: domain authentication, access to 
file resources and print resources.

Download the release image:

New features 10.1

* Support for installing the system by the Ventoy added.
* Webkiosk mode added: it is possible to install the system for limited 
use where only a web browser is available to the user.
* LiveCD added to the install image for opportunity to check the 
operability of the bootloader before installation.
* The distribution includes the systemd-oomd free memory monitoring 
service. It is a component that improves system behavior related to lack 
of memory. At the same time, for the convenience of tracking oomd 
actions a user notification is implemented when applications are aborted 
by the oomd service.
* BTRFS subvolume support during installation. It is a modern copy on 
write (CoW) filesystem for Linux aimed at implementing advanced features 
while also focusing on fault tolerance and easy administration. The 
security benefit of using BTRFS is the creation of a restore point 
before updating the system.
* Automatic disk partitioning profile for Timeshift added. This program 
is designed to create snapshots of system files and settings. In the 
event of a system failure system files are restored, and user data 
remains up to date, if it was not damaged.
* Discover App Center can launch System Restore when upgrade failure is 

New Application Versions

Desktop environment KDE (Plasma 5.24, Gear 22.04, Frameworks 5.97) and 
Mesa 22.0 updated.

The major release of ALT KWorkstation 10.1 was in May this year.

Read more on the wiki (in russian):

Users of ALT distributions on Platform 10 (p10) fail to discover 
compatibility problem with 10.1. For new corporate users it is possible 
to obtain test versions and traditionally private users are offered to 
download the required version of the ALT OS for free from the BaseALT 
Ltd. website or from the download site.

You can also view and download distributions of other products:

С уважением,
Мария Фоканова
менеджер по взаимодействию с сообществом

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