[altlinux-announce-en] ALT 9: Workstation, Server, Education for seven platforms

Michael Shigorin mike at altlinux.org
Mon Oct 28 18:46:40 MSK 2019

  New ALT distributions: the Russian OS is available
   for seven hardware platforms for the first time

Three new ALT 9.0 products based on ALT p9 stable platform
have been released: ALT Workstation 9, ALT Server 9 and
ALT Education 9.  Development of ALT 9.0 distributions has
been focused on the needs of corporate clients, educational
institutions and private persons to deliver these for
a multitude of hardware platforms.

Hardware platform diversity is one of the most prominent emerging
trends in modern IT -- including Russia which has got its own
processor architecture development going on.  Workstations and
servers based on Russian processors are welcome throughout the
public sector, education and healthcare, large businesses and
the force -- every kind of organization implementing large-scale
import substitution projects.

Russian OS is available for seven Russian and foreign hardware
platforms simultaneously for the first time.  ALT OS works
on these CPUs now:

* ALT Workstation 9: x86 (32/64 bit Intel/AMD), AArch64 (NVIDIA
  Jetson Nano Developer kit, Raspberry Pi 3 etc), e2k and e2kv4
  (Elbrus), mipsel (Tavolga Terminal).

* ALT Server 9: x86 (32/64 bit Intel/AMD), AArch64 (Huawei Kunpeng,
  ThunderX etc), ppc64le (YADRO Power 8/9, OpenPower), e2k and e2kv4

* ALT Education 9: x86 (32/64 bit Intel/AMD),
  AArch64 (NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer kit, Raspberry Pi 3 etc).

More information on the distributions as well as downloads
are available on the new site: http://getalt.org/en

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  ------ http://opennet.ru / http://anna-news.info

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