[altlinux-announce-en] I: ALT Linux Regular 20151104 builds

Michael Shigorin mike at altlinux.org
Thu Nov 5 02:30:05 MSK 2015

	Hi there,
ALT Linux Team announces a significant weekly Regular build[1]
(20151104) dedicated to Russia's Unity Day and carrying lots
of updates based on ALT Linux development repository named
Sisyphus: Linux 4.1.12/4.2.5, Firefox 41.0.2, Cinnamon 2.8.2,
GNOME3 3.18.0, Enlightenment 0.20.0-beta, IceWM 1.3.11,
KDE4 4.14.10, KDE5 5.15.0, LXQt 0.10.0, MATE 1.10,
WindowMaker 0.95.7, Xfce 4.12.3 and other goodies on a bunch
of DE-specific hybrid LiveCD images and a pretty popular Rescue
one[2] which is specifically tailored to do forensics properly[3].

These boot in English by default unlike the official ALT Linux
distributions preferring Russian, and Cinnamon/LXDE flavours
carry basic Vietnamese/Korean/Chinese input method support.
There are some single-app[4] LiveCDs with FlightGear, 0ad and
links2 available.

Starterkit[5] builds based on stable p7/branch (with somewhat
older versions on average) might be more suitable for those
interested in installing ALT Linux permanently, these include
several installers, a KVM image, and an OpenVZ VE template
(in addition to an OpenVZ server installer).  These receive
more QA testing and are published quarterly (e.g. 20150912).

[1] http://en.altlinux.org/regular
[2] http://en.altlinux.org/rescue
[3] http://forensicswiki.org/wiki/Forensic_Live_CD_issues
[4] http://nightly.altlinux.org/sisyphus/just/
[5] http://en.altlinux.org/starterkits

 ---- WBR, Michael Shigorin / http://altlinux.org
  ------ http://opennet.ru / http://anna-news.info

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