[altlinux-announce-en] ALT Linux 4.1 Children released

Alexey Rusakov rusakov at altlinux.ru
Fri Dec 26 21:45:56 MSK 2008

Hello everybody,

We're happy to announce a new distribution, ALT Linux Children, that was
never released before, and its first release, ALT Linux 4.1 Children.
This distribution is targeted at children's creativity in the field of
computer graphics and digital video. The distribution is created around
a training course "graphics, animation, video", and all software tools
and multimedia materials necessary for carrying out the lessons.
Children can play with the distro either themselves or being conducted
by a teacher. 
ALT Linux 4.1 Children also includes the famous GCompris suite for
children under 10 years old, additional background and reference
materials, and a small selection of computer games.
This is a Live CD: it does not require installation on a hard disk, and
is fully operational immediately after booting.

Important notes:
1) the distribution is not intended for networking, so there are no
network setup and packages that need a network;
2) The main training course and supplementary materials are only
available in Russian; the main KDE user interface, GCompris, and the
games are also available in English.

The Wiki page about the distribution is available at

A CD-ROM image for burning can be downloaded from
or from a similar location at the nearest mirror site. The list of
active mirrors is available at
You can discuss ALT Linux products in the mailing list:
https://lists.altlinux.org/mailman/listinfo/community-en (in English)

  Alexey "Ktirf" Rusakov
  Head of Systems development dept.
  ALT Linux Technology
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